Who is ready for Kenya in the Park 2015?

Who knows this guy?

Yes, Barack Obama the president of the United States is Half Kenyan, but we are sure you all know that by now, right?

Okay, did you also know that the international actress, model and film director Lupita Nyong’o is also Kenyan.

Unfortunately most people have little knowledge when it comes to Kenya, so Afrokanist Magazine will be playing a game with you (our awesome readers), however in order to participate you must leave your answers below. This game will be testing your knowledge based on how well you know Kenya.

Also check this out,  Afrokanist Magazine will be offering a fantastic opportunity to 3 of our lucky readers who answers the questions correctly, to be featured in Afrokanist Magazine.  

Could you tell us, how many languages are spoken in Kenya?What is the name of this beautiful, very vibrant Kenyan tribe?

3. Could you name the current president of Kenya? (here is an image to help you out)

Now, the next step is for You to watch Afrokanist interview with Ms Lydia Olet and Ms Mercy Kimintah the organizers of Kenya in the Park, the answers will be revealed on the 29th of August, enjoy the short clip to get more information about the day.  We hope to see you all on the 29th of August!!

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