‘We Africans need to do more to support each other’ African Business On The Streets Of London: Afros

Photography is not just an invention, it is an art that has changed the way we see the world with photographs we can visit places, share memories, follow events, without leaving our homes or comfort zone. World Photo Day was initiated / founded in 2009 by a young Australian Photographer Kirke Ara with the goal to unite local and global Communities in a worldwide celebration of Photography.

 In 2015 a group of passionate, cultural and hard-working African entrepreneurs based in London, United Kingdom agreed to embark on Afroscene Project to celebrate world Photo Day 2015 by bringing Afro-Caribbean communities, business and people to the global community. Corporate brands such as Afrokanist Magazine, Esoe Remo, 9jadiaspora, and True African Heritage were invited on board. Afroscene 2015 the inaugural edition covered the Dalston and Peckham areas of London. 

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