Vegan Jollof Rice And Much More: Tokunbo’s Kitchen

Tokunbo means ‘From across the Sea’ in Yoruba, a language and tribe from the West African Nation of Nigeria.

She was born in Camden, London to Nigerian parents but her experience of living in the vibrant city of Lagos, Nigeria for the first nine years of her life really helped to shape her taste buds and love of Nigeria cuisine.

Over the past three years, it has been a personal mission of hers to share her passion for the great culinary delight that is Nigerian cuisine. Whether at one of her pop up and supper club events or at a street food market in the heart of London, she recreates authentic Nigerian dishes with a modern twist to offer you the delights of the delicious home cooked food.

On the 2nd of December at Afrokanist Magazine’s Mind Your Mind Event, focused on healthy eating and mental wellbeing, Tokunbo’s kitchen will be preparing Vegan Jollof Rice, Plantain and Efo Riro. Purchase your ticket to network with Chef Tokunbo and indulge in her signature dishes.

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