The Nigerian born saxophonist, Saxangel taking over the UK!

Gabriel Taiwo Olaleye popularly known as Saxangel is a professional Sax player, a seasoned multi-Instrumentalist and a multi award winner who defines his music to be Trado-African Contemporary Jazz music! Olayeye has performed at numerous events, from corporate events to social and religious events. The Nigerian born UK based saxophonist sound on the saxophone, is irresistible because of his blend of smooth jazz with Afro-beat which now gave birth to a new album titled SAXFROBEAT.

He has performed at some major events such as, BEFFTA Awards, Afro-show Fashion Show, Afrokanist Magazine soft launch, Miss Nigeria UK, O2 Indingo as a part of saxophonist, Festival of life UK and many more.

Prior to finding his calling as a saxophonist, Olaleye studied Chemistry at the premier University of Education in Nigeria and proceeded to study Pharmaceutical Science at the Kingston University in the United Kingdom. You could say Olaleye is a pharmaceutical scientist turned saxophonist!

Olaleye expressed that the highlights of his career is based on his core belief, which is, give your best to whatever you do even if you are not being paid directly for it. He believes that a person that gives more gets more. He further shared that is motivation comes from God and the need to be creative.

He explained that his growth has been the result of some tough lessons he has learnt along the way, such as, having to wait months before getting paid for his gigs, so he has learnt to ask for down payment before any performance.

Olaleye is currently working on the first volume of his album, which will be out by the end of the year and it will be titled Saxfrobeat Vol.1. It will be a saxophone instrumental, infusing Jazz with popular Afro-beat tunes. The second volume is expected to be out by middle of 2020.

Olaleye also shared some tips and encouraging words for our readers, such as:

Tips on being a saxophonist

Buy a saxophone

Learn how to use it

Practice! Practice! Practice!

Personality traits someone needs to have to be a successful saxophonist?



Be time conscious

Words to live by

Push through the limit

Set no barriers

Check out the Album below

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