Mind Your Mind: Speaker Alice Leigh talks about Yoga and Mindfulness on the 18th

We are excited to have Alice Leigh as one of our guest speakers for Mind Ur Mind, You Can Not Pray Depression Away Event on the 18th of November. Alice has been doing yoga and martial arts for many years and knows the physical and mental benefits of reaching a balance of both. She is on a mission to de-stress London and committed to helping others.

Alice decided to qualify as a Vinyasa Yoga teacher in order to take her yoga journey to the next level, deepening her own practice but mainly to help guide others connect deeply with their bodies, their breathe, and to help de-stress and relax.

She is passionate about helping others understand their bodies for a more enriched life, maybe even helping others gain confidence and have a positive body image. Incorporating Mindfulness into her sessions, she is aware of the effects stress and the stresses of life can have on peoples mental health.

Alice vibes the yogi’s energy of the class and sets the pace that way. Anatomically, explaining which muscles you should use and why, tense or relax, reminding you to keep alignment as to not cause injury, and ensuring you understand the benefits of why you are doing the posture, Alice’s sessions are fully immersive.

Rounding up the session with a very relaxing Savasana, you’ll float home.

Having left the corporate world earlier this year, Alice, from Alice Loves Yoga,  works as a yoga teacher offering 1-2-1 private sessions and corporate sessions; as a chess and mindful instructor and a knitting instructor. Alice is also qualified as an energy healer in the ancient healing form –  Reiki. Forever reading articles and journals, Alice is always on the search for enriching knowledge.

Check her out on Facebook & Twitter – Alice Loves Yoga


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