Mam-Maw Fashion label partners with Afrokanist Magazine

In preparation for the 3rd issue of Afrokanist Magazine we are extremely excited to announce our partnership with Mam-Maw fashion.

Mam-Maw is one of UK’s leading online fashion brands specialised in dresses, skirts & tops made using Ankara styles. African patterns, Kente cloth and traditional fabrics. They even go as far as using only African made fabrics to bring you the best quality and experience of African Fashion where ever you are in the world. Go on to indulge yourself in stylish African fashion pieces that adds a touch of glamour, fun and class to your look.

The preparation for our next issue is on! It’s your time to shine… so why not promote your business, ideas, passion and maybe yourself. Visit our site on the advert and follow the simple instructions or email or… Many of our partners have benefited so this is your opportunity … writers, bloggers, who are you, lets work together . .

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