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For the 3rd issue of Afrokanist Magazine we partnered with, a curated online marketplace that makes it easier for just about anybody to discover and shop for quality made in Nigeria brands with just a click of a button.

Their sellers are scattered all over Nigeria bringing variety and uniqueness to every product they craft. What makes their marketplace unique besides it being niche is that they vet and verify every single seller on-board on their platform so buyers can shop with confidence and securely site-wide.

We had the privilege of a quick catch up with Keturah Olivia the Founder of, the purpose of the interview was to explore why she ventured into this business path and how it adds value to her homeland Nigeria, Africa. ( To read the full interview and support or be part of the platform purchase your own exclusive copy of Afrokanist Magazine issue 3)

Hello my name is Keturah Olivia,I am Nigerian by birth but I lived many years in the Diaspora. My professional background lies in Software Engineering where I worked for technology organisations building mobile and web  applications. I came into business because I want to be part of the movement to  re-imagine commerce across Africa, making our beautiful continent a little more connected.

I Founded because I wanted to solve the disconnect that existed between those seeking quality Africa-made products and those who make them who may not necessarily be technology inclined to use technology tools to advance their businesses.

I would always buy African fashion apparels and accessories whenever I would visit Nigeria for myself and colleagues as they would request I did for them. I would charge them $50 extra as my commission.

I had just finished my undergraduate study and when I couldn’t get a scholarship to pursue my  masters, I weighed my two options set before me; to return to Nigeria to start something or finding a corporate job that’ll provide me with relative work experience for when . I chose the latter but I still didn’t give up on my quest to add value.

Purchase your own exclusive copy of Afrokanist Magazine issue 3, to read more about Keturah Olivia and her amazing initiative

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