Liberian Pink Panthers

These female Liberian bikers are known as the Pink Panthers. These women were fed up of being robbed, the idea of pink helmets and pink jackets made it easier for the women to be spotted and harder for the women to get robbed.

Ms Coleman has been a taxi driver for over four years, on an unfortunate day a passenger directed her into an ambush, and with the refusal to hand over her keys, the thieves beat her up, as well as they stole her bike. Since then Ms Coleman have been renting bikes, which costs her 500 Liberian dollars every day.

Since then Ms Coleman and nine other women formed, the Pink Panther women’s motorbike taxi collective in January.According to Heriettea Tolbert from Angie Brooks International Center for Women’s Empowerment, female motorcyclists are almost unheard of in Monrovia. The women empowerment center provides the pink helmet for the female bikers.


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