Giving back to Congo: Afrokanist Partners with Be Your Best Beauty

In preparation for the third issue of Afrokanist Magazine we partnered with Be Your Best Beauty, a health and beauty skills development program,which encourages entrepreneurship for young women in Congo.

The CEO and Founder of Be Your Best Beauty, Bedi Beraca expressed to Afrokanist Magazine that giving back to her homeland, Congo is her duty and her passion, she stated that, with the continuous war, oppression and corruption in so many countries across the globe including Congo, she felt that it was her responsibility to create an empowerment and entrepreneurship path for young women living in Congo,“I wanted to be an example to show people that we can and we should break down barriers there is so much that we can collectively do for each other” .

To read more about Bedi’s story and to support her, join us at Afrokanist Magazine’s afrohair show, on the 17th of June at Hot Spot Koxmet, 22 Lordship Lane.

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