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Constance Ama O’wusu-waah who prefers to be called ‘Wusuwaah’ is an African fashion designer / stylist who was born in Accra the capital of Ghana, raised and living in Belgium. After studying art & graphics at Saint-Lucas College she trained at the fashion design department at Syntra of Brussels Uccle and ended her european studies at London School Of Art in London. She than furthered her studies with fashion practical home schooling course in Ghana. She has been working on her own label called ‘Wusuwaah’s Dairy’ since 2011. Which she mostly designs and makes in both Belgium and Ghana. Wusuwaah’s Diary garments are a mix of precision and creativity with a unique style, a fusion of art and beauty. This inconstant and unpredictable label aims to dress women and men who are seeking for exciting garments with African touches. “Creating fashionable looks which are pure statement”.

Wusuwaah says she represents all the determined people out there who know what they are about. Her ups and downs through her life so far have been her key motivation. With her experiences as a stylist, a fashion designer, well-known daring personality and being a public figure, she has been a source of inspiration to others. Like some talented people, she humbles herself always, especially to learn something new whenever she gets the chance to and acknowledges it all into her fashion brand – ‘Wusuwaah’s Diary’. Her very own personal view of Westerners culture mixed with African fashion. ‘Fusion’.

Afrokanist Magazine: Good afternoon Ama Wusu, this is Abiola Bankole from Afrokanist magazine, could you please tell us about your experience growing up in Ghana?


Ama Wusu: I wish I could, I left Ghana at a very young age (between 5-9) and there is not much I can say about that. I do remember having a huge fashionista aunt, she was the one who looked after myself and my elder sister, I remember she used to dress us up and the photographer would come by our house every Sunday and took pictures of us. I was very young and we had a very private life back then.

Afrokanist Magazine: At what age did you start designing?

Ama Wusu: Those who raised me (aunt’s & mom) were all into fashion. Thus I grew up around that, but the difference was that I always wanted to have what nobody had, thus when I grew a little bit older with the abilities of doing things on my own, I made sure I always looked different, either it was cutting or painting, getting myself into trouble at home but I just had to stand out, when ever I was to be seen in public, even when I re-designed my school uniform, it was different. So to answer the question, yes I started very earlier, years back before I could even think of making it my profession.

Afrokanist Magazine: Why fashion design?

Ama Wusu: It was a childhood dream. The love, passion, motivation and drive, that I have for fashion and the fact that I could always stand out without putting in much effort. For me it was a matter of making other people stand out with my art work . Fashion designing to me is life! I can not visualise myself doing anything else.

Afrokanist Magazine: What do you love the most about what you do?

Ama Wusu: Well, I get to see people in my creation, I get to do what I love doing daily, without any doubt, my heart is always filled with happiness. Also the joy of designing, working on new collections, and working towards fashion shows working with models (meeting new faces) I love everything about the fashion industry, although it is a struggle now and then, but nothing good comes easy and I honestly don’t see myself  doing nothing else! (Is just part of who i am) I love every bit of what I do, it Is a blessing to be able to create!

Afrokanist Magazine: How many fashion shows have you had and where?

Ama Wusu: I need to consult my paper works to be able to give you exact numbers, but I have done a few. I did Brussel fashion week (Ethno Tendance Brussels), Just Follow me magazine fashion show, Brussels Roots event Brussels Umoja Fashion Show (Leuven Belgium), London African Fashion Week ‘London, London African Culture Event (Black History month) London Ghana Uk Fashion Show and London My Runway Fashion Show (Coventry) Fashion Finest Renaissance

Afrokanist Magazine: What is the future for Ama Wusu?

Ama Wusu: The future I see is very bright. My Label  being purchased globally, having other projects along side designing ,( a modeling & fashion School in Ghana) providing workshops & lectures where I can and still learning from others. Working with Street kids in Ghana (already started in bits) I also want to be in the music & movie industry. I have been in a few clips (songs) and a movie, but I personally enjoy writing and producing most. As a multi-talented person, I always get myself involve with almost everything, but I’m very glad I’m 100% focused on my Fashion label for a while now. 

Afrokanist Magazine: What advice do you have for African youths?

Ama Wusu:  Well, this world is not what it used to be, seriously when I was growing up, life was way much easier. But all I will say is, it Is your life, it Is your race, it Is about you,so make the best of it. Education is really the key, do make sure you have that. Most importantly dare to dream, I know sometimes you don’t even know where to start, but all you have to do is start somewhere, just make it happen, please believe in yourself and work towards it, I promise you that hard work does pays off, also have faith and archive your goals, always put God first, and he will guide you through everything in your life. Make no space for negativity, as long as you do not harm anybody and is all about archiving a better future,  go for your goals, dreams do come true!!!

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