Curlture UK Featured in Afrokanist Magazine’s 3rd issue

Our mission is to empower black women; to  reduce the need to seek validation from those who oppress us.” _ Curlture UK

Curlture UK is a platform that was started in 2014 by besties Jay and Tri. The initial focus was on natural hair and the narrative around it, but it has since expanded to also include promotion of black beauty and black owned businesses empowerment.

Through this platform they have empowered black women to embrace their skin and hair and they have worked with over 40 black owned businesses and have been featured on major media platforms such as Essence, The Voice Newspaper, Pride Magazine and BET.

In December 2016, they launched their own empowerment book featuring original photography and poetry to highlight the beauty of the black women with beautiful deep skin tones/locs/kinky hair who often fall victim to texture discrimination/colourism within the natural hair scene.

In the 3rd issue of Afrokanist Magazine we caught up with the gorgeous besties to share their knowledge on black hair, identity expression and empowerment through self love with our readers.

Afrokanist Magazine: What role does natural hair play in revolution and identity for black millennials?

Curlture UK: We have lost confidence in our beauty during slavery because it was taken from us.  That made us susceptible to being insecure and questioning our worth and value. For millennials; embracing your natural self is empowering, not only does it allow you validate yourself and your identity; it  encourages you to grow past shallow expectations and stereotypes that society places on you.

(You can read the full interview in the third issue of Afrokanist Magazine which will be published and sold on the 17th of June at Afrokanist Magazine’s Afro-hair show)

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