Celebrating Ghanaian Comedy Star EbabyKobby

In the 3rd issue of Afrokanist Magazine we caught up with the Ghanaian-American social media superstar Ebaby Koby, whose popular Instagram account boasts more than 170,000.Emmanuel Achempong was born on the 26th of May 1992, he is a native of Ghana and raised in America. Ebaby  became a sensation through his “Martha” series of short videos, which he also posts on YouTube.

Ebaby shares his story with our readers, he expresses why comedy is a huge part of our culture as Africans, and why the art form deserves acknowledgement and respect. Comedy he says, is another form of art that has helped African Diasporas connect with their culture, their identity and language. In addition to this, he shares a few tips on how African comedians could play a role in the global media market as long as they keep going and working on their art.

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