Black Women’s Health Matters; Interview with Habiba Cooper Diallo from WHOI

I am inspired by Black women

I am inspired by African women

I am inspired by our strength, our resilience,

By our commitment to our society and our commitment to our families 

Habiba Cooper Diallo

Afrokanist: Good afternoon Ms Diallo ,this is Abiola Bankole from Afrokanist magazine, could you please tell us a bit about yourself?

My name is Habiba Cooper Diallo I am 18years old, I was born and raised in Toronto Canada, my parents are Jamaican, Liberian and Guinean, so I have triple heritage.

Afrokanist:  Ms Diallo, could you please tell Afrokanist magazine about your organisation?

Recently I founded an organization Women’s Health Organization International (WHOI ) it started two years ago and we do programming around black women’s health or black women in Africa or African diaspora, and by diaspora we mean anywhere in the world, where you have people who are of African descent, so programming, awareness building  and maternal health issues particularly one called obstetric fistula and around issues of maternal health and sexual health that affects black women.

Afrokanist: What inspired you?

I am inspired by black women, I am inspired by African women, I am inspired by our strength, our resilience, by our commitment to our society and our commitment to our families, well in regards to WHOI the initial inspiration was a young woman from Niger she had obstetric fistula and I was inspired by how she overcame and her determination to progress with her education so she was an inspiration

Afrokanist: What are your future goals? I guess there are many, I am pursuing a degree in management at The School of Oriental and African Studies University (SOAS), so I am looking forward to completing the course in about two/three years’ time, and then I intend to do medicine, I will like to study women’s reproductive health and child birth medicine, because ultimately I would like to work with women in Africa who suffers from obstetric fistula.

Congratulations to the 18year old Habiba Cooper Diallo for her talk on Fistula at the University of Kent. We have been working along side with Habiba’s organization (WHOI) our main agenda is to support the organization in raising awareness, and educating the world on Obstetric Fistula. We salute Ms Cooper Diallo for her initiative and hard work.

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