AfroPrime charity partners with Afrokanist Magazine

AfroPrime charity have one mission, which is to reduce the stigma of poverty in schools by providing children in Nigeria with free uniforms. They believe children should not have to worry about the financial burden of buying uniforms. Afroprime research has identified the correlation between students psychological state, behaviour and concentration with the neatness and condition of their uniforms.

Afroprime aims to develop this by providing free school uniform for them and educating them on its maintenance, which encourages good behaviour both inside and outside of school.

Afroprime targets student who are from low-income background, reducing their financial burden as well as finding avenues to link them with work experience and job opportunities in their local community and beyond.

Iloro Grammar School, Lagos Nigeria

For the 3rd issue of Afrokanist Magazine we have decided to partner with Afroprime Charity. The partnership between Afrokanist Magazine and AfroPrime Charity will be based on Language and Creative competition, a handful of students will be picked by AfroPrime Charity team, these students will be asked to write a short article (300words) about What their language means to them and how it shapes their identity. The winners of the competition  will be featured in Afrokanist Magazine’s 3rd issue and each will get a copy sent to them and the school.

The preparation for our next issue is on! It’s your time to shine… so why not promote your business, ideas, passion and maybe yourself. Visit our site on the advert and follow the simple instructions or email or… Many of our partners have benefited so this is your opportunity … writers, bloggers, who are you, lets work together . .

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