“Language, to me, has both postive and negative connotations. If we consider how language is used today to demean and dehumanise and assert power over the many by the few, then that's a worrying use of language when it's employed as a kind of linguistic warfare. But language is also empowering and can set you apart” 


Afrokanist Magazine- Issue 3


We are a bi-annual print magazine company, our mission is to highlight African/Black ’ achievements in business, art, fashion, health, tourism, beauty, travel, politics,  and community empowerment. 


We utilise creative freedom, forward-thinking and artistic expression to tell stories,  create challenging and engaging dialogues.

We also provide monthly events titled Mind Your Mind, which is focused on challenging stigmas surrounding mental illness in African communities, while simultaneously providing supports through our professional partnerships.


"Awesome Magazine, awesome launch, great food and massage. I wanted to let you know that I'm so happy about the magazine (although I am not African myself) I am so proud that the team preserved and manifested their hard work into existence. I am so excited for what's more to come from Afrokanist Magazine"


“The magazine is definitely from other mainstream magazines out there, Afrokanist Magazine is educational, it is inspiring and well out together, for a new magazine platform the concept is beyond it's time. Thank you to the team"